What types of defects does title insurance cover?


What types of defects does title insurance cover?

When it comes to large investments, you want insurance to protect the eggs in your basket. Just as you have homeowner’s insurance to protect your dwelling and belongings, you should have title insurance to protect your ownership stake. What types of defects does title insurance cover?

Title insurance protects property owners and lenders from defects or issues that may arise with the title. Title insurance covers a wide range of problems that can have an impact on ownership, including:

  • Errors or omissions in the title search. When a title search is performed, public records are examined to determine ownership and property history. A title search can uncover recording errors or things like easements that are unreported. However, title searches don’t always find everything, so title insurance protects against errors or omissions that may arise later on.
  • Liens that may impact your financial line when taking ownership of the property. Undeclared mortgages, judgments, unpaid taxes or bills for work on the house can all fall upon you once the title is transferred to your name. Title insurance can cover the cost of removing liens that aren’t discovered during the title search, saving you money and stress.
  • Fraud or forgery. Though rare, a forged signature on a deed can impact the legal ownership of your property. A fraudulent transfer of ownership can “steal” your property away from you. Title insurance protects the rightful owner.
  • Boundary disputes. If a neighbor disputes the location of the property line, you can be on the hook for costly surveys and legal processes. Title insurance will cover the cost of defending the title and boundary.
  • Zoning and building code violations. If your property does not meet building codes, whether it’s because of a shoddy contractor’s work or a DIY gone wrong, it can result in a costly repair bill to correct the discrepancy. Title insurance can cover any monetary loss due these violations and their correction.

Title insurance covers a wide range of defects that may arise in the title of a property, protecting you against loss of valuable time and money. Want a free title insurance quote? Call one of our offices to get started.

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