Escrow Services

Escrow Services

As part of the home buying process, the buyer will often submit an earnest money deposit. This deposit helps demonstrate the buyer’s good faith in pursuing the transaction, signaling both the buyer’s financial wherewithal and his or her willingness to put some “skin in the game.”

Of course, while the earnest money deposit will ultimately become the seller’s property when the sale closes (or, in some circumstances, when the buyer backs out of the deal), the buyer and the buyer’s agent want to make sure that the deposit remains safe and secure until that time. But, the seller also wants to know that they can reach the deposit if and when the time comes. Using Clear Title’s escrow services is a way to satisfy both parties’ concerns regarding the buyer’s earnest money deposit while their transaction remains pending.

We Offer Escrow Services – Even if You Don’t Close with Us

At Clear Title, our comprehensive residential real estate and loan closing services include serving as an escrow agent. This sets us apart from many other closing companies serving Northwest Florida By serving as an escrow agent, we eliminate the need for another third party to get involved in the transaction, saving time, hassle, and money for all parties involved.

In fact, you can use our escrow services even if you do not close with Clear Title. If you need to protect your interest in an earnest money deposit for a residential home sale in Northwest Florida, we invite you to give us a call today.

Benefits of Clear Title’s Escrow Services

Benefits for Buyers

For buyers, using our escrow services ensures that your earnest money deposit will not get into the seller’s hands too soon. Your purchase agreement specifies when the seller is entitled to your deposit (if you back out without a contingency or the deal closes at the settlement table); but, until then, the deposit is still yours.

Benefits for Sellers

When selling your home, you have plenty to keep track of already. You don’t need to add the earnest money deposit into the mix. Whether you close with us or with someone else, our escrow services let you rest easy knowing that the money will be there when it becomes rightfully yours.

Benefits for Real Estate Agents

If you have looked into becoming an escrow agent, you know that the process of establishing and maintaining a legally compliant escrow account isn’t easy. It also isn’t free. Led by a board certified real estate attorney with over 25 years of experience, Clear Title provides professional escrow services to help your deals close efficiently and securely.

Inquire About Our Escrow Services Today

If you are interested in using Clear Title’s escrow services for your next closing, call:

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With three offices in the greater Pensacola area, we are centrally located for closings throughout the Florida Panhandle.

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