What Information is Gathered in a Title Search?


What Information is Gathered in a Title Search?

Before you purchase a property, such as a new home for your family, you need to know exactly what you are buying. An official title search should be done to ensure that the owner of the property is legally authorized to sell the property and that there are no outstanding issues that might negatively affect you in the future. Think of it as a background check on your home!

It is typically recommended that you hire a title company to handle this extensive research on your behalf. The title company will access public records to dig up any issues such as:

  • Additional owners of the property who may not want to sell the property
  • Liens placed on the property by a creditor who is owed money by the current owners
  • Additional mortgages on the property
  • Deeds showing property transfer that were not recorded properly
  • Back taxes due
  • Fraudulent claims made on the property for loss or damage
  • Easements that allow the land to be used without the owner’s consent
  • Documents that show the property line is incorrectly drawn
  • Restrictive covenants that limit or prohibit certain usages of the property

If these issues are not brought to light before the sale of the home or property, this could affect your ownership in the future and cause both financial and emotional hardships.

At Clear Title in Northwest Florida, thousands of home buyers have trusted our team of experts to handle the intricacies of title searches and provide comprehensive information about properties. As the only title company in Northwest Florida that is owned by a Board Certified Real Estate Attorney, Stephen R. Moorhead, this team has 100s of years of combined experience. When it comes to title searches, we leave no stone, paper or document unturned!

To schedule a meeting with our experts and explore our Pensacola title searches, contact us today at (850) 202-8518 or visit ClearTitlenwfl.com.

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