Why are Surveys Important?

Surveys are important when you are looking into purchasing a home because they show where the property is actually located on the ground.  A correctly completed survey is crucial when obtaining title insurance on your property. Surveys are not required for title insurance, but without a survey, the title policy will have an additional exception for anything the survey would display.        Lenders will also require a survey in order for you to obtain financing, no matter if it’s a newly completed survey or an older one. Lender’s also require a Florida Form 9 Endorsement.

So, what is a Florida Form 9 Endorsement?  

A Form 9 Endorsement insures against violations of restrictions, encumbrances over easements, building lines or property lines, and damage by reason of mineral development. This endorsement also removes all survey exceptions.

In order for the Form 9 Endorsement to remove all survey exceptions, a current survey is required showing the following:

  • All improvements, encroachments, and easements
  • Building setback lines and access
  • Items that would only be disclosed by an accurate survey of the land

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