Navigating a Stress-Free Real Estate Closing with Clear Title


Navigating a Stress-Free Real Estate Closing with Clear Title

You’ve had your offer accepted (or accepted the purchase offer), both parties have signed the purchase agreement…now it’s time to think about closing?! Whether it’s a 2 week closing, the standard 30 days or even longer, the closing process starts early in the real estate transaction. That’s why you need the right closing company on your side from the beginning. At Clear Title, we can help you navigate a stress-free closing.

Once the purchase agreement is signed, the contract is sent to Clear Title, along with the earnest money deposit from the buyer. An advantage of working with Clear Title is that escrow of the earnest money is handled under the same roof as your closing, leaving you with one less transaction to worry about. Clear Title also communicates with all parties involved to initiate the required documentation for closing.

Clear Title can also handle the title search and title insurance. Searches can turn up issues with the title, which would prevent it from being transferred to the buyer. Title insurance provides a safety net for any title defects that don’t arise during the title search, so the lender’s (and buyer’s) investments are always covered.

As the closing process nears completion, Clear Title finishes collecting all the required documentation so that closing documents can be prepared. They coordinate the final loan agreement, deed to transfer the title, mortgage payoffs and other documents needed to complete the sale.

Finally, it’s closing day! The buyer, seller, real estate agents and Clear Title closing agents all gather to complete the closing documents. The closing agent will walk everyone through the required signatures for each document. Upon completion of the paperwork, the seller will hand off the keys to the buyer…and the sale is complete! At this point, Clear Title will release the escrow funds, file and record the necessary paperwork and notify lenders and title insurance companies so the sale is officially finalized.

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