Email Fraud- Stop, Think and Verify.


Email Fraud- Stop, Think and Verify.

If you’re on fire, Stop, Drop and Roll. If you detect the spark of a fraudster attempting to divert funds on your file – Stop, Think and Verify.

Now, more than ever, you should be wary about fraudulent attempts to divert funds from your file or your client’s. With many people working from home, the opportunity for
fraudsters to infiltrate, what used to be a mostly in-person type of transaction, has now moved online via the internet and webcams.

Review Your Account Settings

Periodically check your Sent folder to be sure emails aren’t being sent or forwarded without your knowledge.

Fraudsters are getting good at creating trojan horses; do not let them behind the walls of your deal!

Fraudsters often use compromised email accounts to deceive parties involved in real estate transactions in order to misappropriate funds through unauthorized wire transfers or to obtain non-public personal information (NPI).

Red Flags

» Requests using the word “kindly”
» Generic or non-personal greetings
» Unusual/unnecessary sense of urgency
» Offers too good to be true
» Poor spelling and grammar
» Email asking that you click a hyperlink
» Spoofed emails; check domain names: vs.
Hover over the From: section of your email to reveal full email address, or domain imposter
» If you suspect the From: address is fraudulent, utilize a header analyzer to verify the identity of the sender.
» Customers or colleagues are receiving “spam” messages from your account
» Receive replies to emails you didn’t send
» Your account settings are configured to forward emails to unknown addresses

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