Are Escrow Services Free?


Are Escrow Services Free?

Escrow services play a vital role in real estate transactions by providing a secure way to facilitate payments so that both buyers and sellers are protected. A common question that arises, especially when calculating the costs of buying or selling, is how much escrow services run. Are escrow services free?

What are escrow services?

Escrow services serve as a neutral third party to hold funds and documents on behalf of both the buyer and seller in a real estate transaction. Escrow servicers are responsible for holding the buyer’s earnest money, ensuring funds are available and secured, and verifying that all conditions of sale have been met before releasing funds. Escrow services provide protection and peace of mind to both buyers and sellers by mitigating the risk of fraud, non-payment or disputes during the transaction process.

Are escrow services free?

While escrow services themselves are not free, the cost associated with escrow services is typically divided between the buyer and seller, although it can be negotiated as part of the contract. The fees for escrow services vary but are usually a percentage of the total purchase price of the property.

What do escrow fees cover?

Escrow fees cover the cost of services provided by the escrow company, including:

  • Transaction management on behalf of the escrow agent, who is responsible for ensuring all contractual obligations are met in a timely manner from open to close
  • Document preparation, including reviewing the contract, disclosures and other documents
  • Holding and disbursement of funds according to the terms of the escrow agreement
  • In some instances, the title search and cost of title insurance

While escrow services are not free, they offer valuable protection for parties on both sides of a real estate transaction. Understanding the role of escrow services and the associated fees can help you navigate real estate transactions with confidence, so if you have questions about escrow services, call Clear Title at one of our conveniently located offices:

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